I like tinkering with front-end frameworks. And I usually like to have a server behind the app so I can actual play with all the framework features (saving and updating models, using client-side routing, and so on).

Usually, I want a server that does two things:

  • serves the public directory
  • has a REST API that can interact with models

I've written a server like this so many times that I decided to fold it all into a neat NPM package: repose. This will make playing with frameworks easier for me, so maybe it will for you too.

The Details

My little repose library actually just wraps a simple Express application. You just give it a model name, and it will return an Express application. That app has the routes of a REST API, and will server the public folder.

var repose = require('repose');

var app = repose('widgets');


This gives you the following routes:

  • GET /api/widgets
  • GET /api/widgets/<id>
  • POST /api/widgets
  • PUT /api/widgets/<id>
  • DELETE /api/widgets/<id>

Any other requests will get the public/index.html page. For a few more details, see the README.